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wow anti-racism stuff??? where did that come from? also i noticed sydney olympic did an anti-homophobia thing! winnnn.

Don’t really know much about the group, was pleasantly surprised to see antifa and anti-racism stuff on their merchandise. Yeah saw that, good to see one of the main clubs in the NSWPL doing good stuff like that!

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next few games will be critical…so insanely tight, 2pts separates most of the league except 2 teams…wonder where MVFC & SFC will be by Christmas…could be anywhere

Honestly I don’t see us being in a finals spot come Christmas if Lavicka is still around. Well, depends if he changes things. He’s not done so for 24 months though so hard to see it happening. Happy to be proven wrong. I hope I am.

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that bad?

He just makes the same mistakes over and over again. It’s crazy how he thinks he can just do the same shit as last season and the results will be different.


v Gold Coast, starts with Carle and Bridge up front. We’re horrendous. Half time and Bruno comes on (so we have two proper strikers up front) and Carle plays in midfield (where he plays best) and we dominate. So I’m thinking “good change Lavicka” (though the fact i feel it necessary to applaud him for playing two proper strikers at home when we play a 4-4-2 really shows just how ridiculous things have gotten)

So what does he do against CCM? Starts with Carle and Bridge up front again. Er, okay… surprise surprise we are absolute shit. He makes the same changes as he did at HT v Gold Coast and all of a sudden we play well in the second half again.

So what does he do against Wellington? STARTS THE SAME FUCKING STARTING XI AGAIN. FUCK. It just doesn’t make sense.

I held off jumping on the Lavicka out bandwagon last season. I was actually in favour of extending his contract and giving him another chance. It was tough conditions last season after losing 1000+ games of experience down the spine. But, to reiterate the NT, there’s no excuses this season.’

Antonis, Emerton, Carle and Cazarine have the ability to be so much more but they’re restricted by this negative shape and style. Bosschaart and Beauchamp are good but struggling with a midfield that can’t keep the ball, and they have to fend off the same shit week after week cause Lavicka, for whatever reason, thinks things will change.

Lavicka out.

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suh weet! what are you watching? the last time i went to one of those i felt like i was gonna fall off the plane the cameraman was in cuz…ok i’m not making sense…3d…

We saw Born to be Wild. Documentary on baby orangutans and elephants growing up in orphanges in Indonesia/Africa. We went to learn about their marketing and shizz, film had no relevance to the trip haha

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gixibyte replied to your photo: The SCG. NSW v SA

Nice photo. BUT SO EMPTYYYY. Such is domestic cricket……

All those stands are closed for domestic cricket. just the ladys stand (brown seats) and the one im in. Still, was a terrible crowd. Like 500-1000. Only about 300 max by the end.

Still, I love domestic cricket

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Holy fark. I’ve still never been to W-League. Saw highlights of Syd-MVFC today, looked exciting! Haven’t been to Youth either. Will bring more flares to next Youth Melb derby…j/k. Yes I have TF2. It’s good, light, quick fun. But I prefer RPGs/MMOs

Sydney FC have all these W-League/Youth league double headers which is awesome haha. Yeah the Syd-MVFC game was pretty exciting. Sydney youth beat Heart 5-1 before that too so it was good haha. LOL, fuck that, you need them for Brisbane away ;)

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